C.E. McCall Middle School

Montoursville, PA

  • 151,817 SF Total
    • 142,586 SF Renovation
    • 9,231 SF New Construction
  • 940 pupils / grades 6-8
  • 1971 / 2011
  • Additions & Alterations
  • 2-Green Globes Rating
    Most Sustainable Building Award from USGBC-Central PA in 2012
    1st Green Globes School in Pennsylvania
  • $ 16,500,000

Renovations to the C.E. McCall Middle School were in concert with a study previously completed by Vern McKissick, which involved changes to the current grade-level structure and were designed to accommodate grades 6 through 8. The building has undergone a series of reconfigurations intended to provide updated core educational spaces. A key element of these upgrades is the new library, created through the infilling of an existing two-story exterior courtyard. To address the needs for a performance space, a new stage house was constructed while the removal and installation of a raised roof structure provides daylighting in the Cafeteria and improved acoustics, allowing to school to host a variety events.

Williamsport Area Middle School

Williamsport, PA

  • 188,440 SF
    89,310 SF Renovation
    99,130 SF New Construction
  • 450 pupils / grades 7-8
  • 1949 / 2013
  • Additions & Alterations
  • LEED Gold from USGBC pending
  • $ 42,500,000

A study completed by McKissick Associates in 2010 provides a final solution for a restructuring of the District to a K-3, 4-6, 7-8, and 9-12. Use of the district’s three current middle schools will be altered with the opening of the new Williamsport Area Middle School (formerly the Roosevelt Junior High). Renovations and expansions to the facility will accommodate all middle level pupils, while the Curtin and Lycoming Valley Middle school renovations will then accommodate their reuse as intermediate elementary schools for grades 4-6. These renovations coupled with other building closures developed as part of the overall plan will save the district adequate funds to cover the local annual debt service cost.

Mifflin County Junior High School

Lewistown, PA

  • 126,000 SF
  • 1,040 pupils / grades 8-9
  • 1955 / 2014
  • Renovations & Adaptive Reuse Conversion of the former Indian Valley High School
  • $ 17,900,000

The former high school was little changed from the original date of construction in 1955. The project includes the conversion of the former auditorium unti new building offices, a band rooom and black box theater. The cafeteria will be expanded with creation of a scatter kitchen servind area and internet café. Other work includes a high albedo white EPDM roof, new exterior curtainwall and windows, as well as electrical upgrades and HVAC system replacement.

Mount Union Junior
(& Senior) High School

Mount Union, PA

  • 165,238 SF
    • 138,138 SF Renovation
    • 27,100 SF New Construction
  • 1,135 pupils / grades 7-8 (& 9-12)
  • 1954 / 1962 / 2011
  • Additions & Alterations
  • $ 24,100,000

The 1954 Junior/Senior High School had last been expanded in 1962 and much of the building was original to its date of construction. A strong desire existed to better separate junior and senior high age pupils, as well as improve educational offerings, and a number of internal space conversions occurred with the 2011 renovation project. This creation of two administratively separate “schools-within-a-school” included new easily identifiable exterior entrances for each wing, reversing the original building’s floorplan. The interior renovations embraced the mid-century design of the original school and sensitively emphasized the “Googie” style updated materials and color palette.

Roosevelt Middle School

Erie, PA

  • 115,000 SF
    • 99,000 SF Renovation
    • 16,000 SF New Construction
  • 700 pupils / grades K-5 & 6-8
  • 1922 / 1975 / CLOSED in 2007
  • Design Charrette in 2008 Conducted by Preservation Pennsylvania & Erie Center for Design and Preservation
  • $14,880,000 to $17,180,000 (estimated cost to reopen)

A school generally undergoes renovations and upgrades to a facility every 20 years. Erie’s Theodore Roosevelt Middle School has not fared so well since it was built in 1922. The 1975 renovations were the last time any upgrades were made and the school was closed by the District due to maintenance and safety concerns. In 2008, Preservation PA and the Erie Center for Design and Preservation joined with three architects from across the state for a design charrette to determine if the school could be repurposed and saved. Although the consensus of all participants was a resounding YES, a subsequent study completed in 2012 by Vern McKissick did not review the Roosevelt School as an option to be considered and the building remains closed.

Lycoming Valley Middle School

Williamsport, PA

  • 111,600 SF Existing
  • 757 pupils / grades 6-8
  • 1970s / 2007 / 2013
  • Renovations & Alterations
  • $5,360,000 (2007) & $ 200,000 (2013)

Renovations at the Lycoming Valley Middle School involved improvements to an 111,600 square foot two story existing building. In 2007 the building underwent a structural retrofit of the failing metal roof along with mechanical upgrades and ADA improvements. In 2013, McKissick Associates assisted with interior classroom renovations for the anticipated conversion of this middle school into an intermediate elementary.

Milton Middle School

Milton, PA

  • 67,000 SF
  • 1,020 pupils / grades 6-8
  • 1974 / 1999 / 2011
  • Renovation
  • $ 5,800,000

This project focused on completion of the work started in 1999 by Vern McKissick. Phase II focused on the standalone Junior High wing of this Jr/Sr High School and completed the work, which had been deferred in the 1999’s Phase I project. This included spatial reconfigurations to replace classrooms being lost due to enclosure of the 1970s open floor plan. HVAC upgrades and a new roof were also addressed and the project was completed on a fast track compressed timeframe over a single summer while the building remained in use and occupied.

Pottstown Middle School

Pottstown, PA

  • 164,000 SF
  • 1,180 pupils / grades 6-8
  • 1932 / 2001
  • Additions & Alterations
  • $16,600,000
  • [Completed by Vern McKissick, while partner at HLA]

Originally slated for potential demolition, the Pottstown School District elected to save the historic building and expand the campus. The original 94,175 SF building was restored and expanded by 64,433 SF to support changes made to the educational programs and allow "teaming" by grade level with significant resource and technology upgrades made as well. Each grade occupies one floor of this 3-story school, minimizing movement between floors and improving traffic flow in the circulation areas.

Big Spring Middle School

Newville, PA

  • 132,500 SF
  • 1,173 pupils / grades 6-8
  • 1955 / 2006
  • Adaptive Reuse Conversion of Former High School
  • $9,300,000

The former high school, vacant after construction of a new facility, had the area required to accommodate most of the needs of the middle school program. The repurposing of the school focused on accommodating a team-oriented approach to teaching where the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades were organized into private pods, each with its own team planning room, resource room and student restrooms. Major areas of renovation included the kitchen, cafeteria and serving areas as well as the creation of a “commons” area off the main entrance that serves both students and visitors for a variety of school events.